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New Book by Simone Veil Fellow Fiammetta Balestracci


La sessualità degli italiani. Politiche, consumi e culture dal 1945 ad oggi, Carocci 2020 (=collana Studi Storici).


Fiammetta Balestracci’s new book is an essay of social, cultural and political history based on primary and secondary sources, that through the perspective of the history of sexuality re-reads decisive moments of the seventy years long history of the Italian Republic. The year ‘1968’ marks for instance both the year of the students’ revolts and the beginning of the sexual liberation but also the date of the first ‘murder of passion’ by the so-called Italian serial killer “mostro di Firenze” (monster of Florence). The book develops an Italian national history in the framework of international and cultural-social changes of this long period and emphasises the legacy of the Weimar Republic for the West in general.