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ERC Advanced Grant InechO

What happens after international organizations (IOs) cease to exist? While IOs’ ends are occasionally discussed in political science and legal studies, we know very little about their legacies, and hence the subsequent role and impact of people, ideas, practices and objects (including buildings and budgets) that once filled them with life and meaning.

This is the research agenda of the ERC Advanced Grant “Hidden Legacies. How Discontinued International Organizations Have Shaped European Governance since the 1910s (InechO)” (ERC Grant Agreement No 101096005).
Using largely neglected public and private sources as well as interviews, InechO will break new ground for international and European history by focusing on the “afterlives” of European International Organizations since the 1910s. It highlights five empirical case-studies representing the whole spectrum of possible options. Informed by and contributing to an interdisciplinary state of the art, InechO builds on an innovative set of concepts and methods to address these issues. InechO will thus establish a new conceptual framework that will help research to rethink the nature of international cooperation and internationalism. Its approach and its findings are also highly relevant for the analysis of other world regions and their international history and for audiences beyond academia.

For more information please consult the InechO website.