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CALM – Cambridge-LMU PhD Training Collaboration in the Contemporary History of Global Europe

In September 2020, the Department of History of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, and the Faculty of History of the University of Cambridge launched a new PhD Training Collaboration, focused on the Contemporary History of Global Europe.

The aim of this collaboration was to provide a space for PhD students of both universities to develop their research by engaging with cutting edge debates in the field. Two cohorts of 14 PhD students each - comprised of seven students from each university - took part in a series of events. These were designed to support them in developing their research in conversation with colleagues and to provide them with an opportunity to build international networks at the beginning of their careers. The core events were four meetings – one in 2020, one in 2021 and two in 2022. Students selected for the collaboration were funded to participate in the events. 

The meetings included seminars and discussions of key methodological and historiographical approaches. Furthermore, at each event students had the opportunity to discuss their projects. These discussions were based on pre-circulated papers, which were commented on by other PhD students and participating academics.

CALM was co-directed by Professor Kiran Klaus Patel (LMU) and Prof. Dr. Pedro Ramos Pinto (Cambridge), and also had the contribution of a wider range of academics from both universities, including Dr. Celia Donert (Cambridge); Prof. Andreas Wirsching (LMU); PD Dr. Martina Steber (LMU) and Professor Andrew Preston (Cambridge).

Please find reports about the events here:

First workshop: 10th September 2020

Second workshop: 20th May 2021

Third workshop: 17th-19th May 2022

Fourth workshop: 2nd-4th November 2022